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Proflect 360° Flood Warning System

Proflect, LLC has applied its product development expertise and experience, to create a floodwater height indicator for use on flood prone roadways. The Proflect 360º Flood Warning System alerts motorists to the depth of the flood water prior to proceeding down the roadway. This product is available in both a permanent and temporary mount version.

The permanent mount version affixes to a standard “u channel” post. Included in this product kit is four feet of our patent pending reflective post wrap. The post wrap is a durable, protective cover featuring distinct colors, such as yellow, white, blue, and red, each one being one foot in length. With the reflective sheeting, this warning system gives the motorist the time and ability to assess the height of the flood water prior to entering the flood zone. The color graduation, and the 1’-4’ foot height markings on the post cover, is to alert motorists of the depth of the water preventing a wide range of damages accompanied by flooded roadways.

The temporary mount version of this product features all the same benefits of the affixed, but can be placed and removed as needed. This product is designed to fit on industry standard base systems and can be moved and set up in minutes, where and whenever required.